Hotel Cecil. Spring Forward, Fall Back

I am on the sidewalk staring at a U-Haul coming towards eighty people and me on the sidewalk it’s a perfect October evening on 7th & Spring St. in the beating heart of Downtown Los Angeles.

It is daylight savings.
Fall back.

Spring forward fall back.

Extra hour of drinking, and to top it off:

It’s Halloween night.
October 31, 2015

Mrs. Lee was right about the devil.

Such a cliche.

These are the thoughts that come to mind, and I am not joking when I tell you that there are two headlights flying towards the 80 people and me on the sidewalk.

All this in 3 seconds. How does that happen?

The devil is real. That stuff is real. Careful with that stuff.
A clients wife Mrs. Lee had told me earlier in the morning when I was bragging about “ghost hunting” at the Hotel Cecil with my new iPhone app. While at the time she was telling me this I was like
Yeah. Whatever girl.
Right now all I can think about is that she wasn’t kidding when she warned me that the devil is real.

Ghost hunting and broadcasting on periscope was the only thing my playmate and me could both agree on doing for Halloween. Not that either one of us had ever gone ghost hunting or even had a clue of how to do it, we downloaded an app, so what the hell we both have been obsessed with American Horror Story,  when my playmate found out that the Hotel Cortez is based on Hotel Cecil he immediately made the reservation. And that’s how we ended up here down the street a few seconds aways from death.

A twenty something year old skinny guy is thrown off his bike by the U-Haul that continues towards us on the sidewalk. The girls in slutty Halloween costumes and the men in their beards and super hero costumes  run as  they scream in horror.


My playmate takes me by the arm and throws me around the side of the building. Behind me a flying fire hydrant, a waterfall, a light pole on the floor, lost witch shoes, abandoned cheap hooker heels and viva glam lipstick melted on the sidewalk.

Angels in stilettos screaming, bleeding at the knees.

My face is numb; I can feel the ants running around my skin,
That’s what it feels like. Ants jogging on my lips.

I’m not going back to The Cecil.

The police asks my playmate a series of questions.
Did you see him hit the motorcycle?
Is that him over there?

Honestly all I remember is the headlights and Mrs. Lees warning.

We are back in the room at the Cecil.
I look at the door and there are four locks.
The closet looks sad
And the air feels thick
There is no wifi
And there is no ac.

Outside the sirens wale
The screams are loud,
Girls screams.

It is a coincidence, you should go to bed. Stuff like this happens everyday.            Just go to bed.

Well I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not, but What I do know is that I almost got smashed by a U-haul truck after trying to chase ghosts at the Cecil Hotel.

If you have plans to mess with he spirits here, don’t do it. I am not saying you shouldn’t stay here, but I would suggest not messing with spirits of the Cecil Hotel.

Here’s what to know if you are planning a stay at the

Hotel Cecil:  

640 S Main St
Los Angeles, CA 90014
Phone number (213) 624-4545

The new name is now STAY ON MAIN.

The Cecil is the inspiration for American Horror Story. Some of it’s notable tenets are: Richard Ramirez ( the night stalker), A few Suicides, Elisa Lam (who was found in the water tank after tenants complained about black water), the Black Dahlia was last seen here, it’s a section 8 apartment. It’s on Skid Row. There is no AC and most rooms do not have a private bathroom.

Bring your own sheets and don’t shower or brush your teeth with their water.




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