Cali Cali Caliente.

Today the Dodgers are playing and the city is pumped and it’s 99 degrees, in October. I wrote this a while back and had forgotten it. Let me know in the comments, like, share, follow


Cali Cali Caliente- by HotDogLA
May 18, 2008. Boyle Heights, California

Cali Cali Caliente. (It’s Hot)

Current mood:bouncy

The Gold Line is under construction,

and the barrio is on fire.

It is so damn hot.

Silver coins for a silver bullet,

one dollar fifty five.

90 something degrees

28 minutes past 9 pm

the raza is passed out on the lawn,

near the blood from the friendly bullets on first street.

Little girls dance to Juan Gabriels theme

banda style,

merengue style

regaeton style.


Little boys whistle.

It is hot in barrio,

la raza is on fire.

The Gold line is under construction

and the silver bullet has slowed us down.

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