Update:  The crowd went wild when Jane Fonda made an appearance and gave a speech before the unveiling of Ru’s  Star.


More pictures coming soon including Ru’s speech and his high school teacher who was in the audience and Ru thanked.

It is going to be a very good Friday for Rupaul and all his fans today.  The superstar will be immortalized today outside World of Wonder Productions Building  when she receives her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 5560 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles Ca 90028.  Remember to pay for your meter darling you don’t want to get a parking infractions,remeber the city has just approved thousands of hours for the meter maids.

Consider taking the RedLine and exit Hollywood and Vine and Walk a few blocks west until you come to a green art deco building.

The Redline exit Hollywood and Highland is also and option, walks a few blocks east until you get to 5560 Hollywood Blvd.

Let’s take a moment to remember some of Rupauls work over the past three decades.

Rupaul on Oprah.

Find out what it is that makes you unique and special  and cultivate that and bring that out and then bring that to the party.  We are an extension, we are the power that created the whole universe”

“Once upon a time there was a little black girl…”

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