N’Sync and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce will celebrate nostalgia by presenting the group  with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday April 30th at 11:00 am.  The star  will be the 2,636 star awarded  on the Walk of Fame, it located half a block down from La Brea neighboring stars    New Kids on the Block and Boys II Men. @TheEllenShow and @CarsonDaly will be the on the mic. But will Justin be there?

Hold on, before that you have the opportunity to get some nostalgic #TheDirtyPopUp merchandise starting today at noon 6801 Hollywood Blvd. Ste. 200A. See map below but first read some tips on coming to Hollywood.

There are so many fan girls on Twitter planning a trip to Hollywood it is my intent to give you some tips and how to make your experience more fun, my thoughts on getting into the coveted fan pit. * as always please act with extreme caution and at your own risk and common sense is queen, darling.


The location:

7067 Hollywood Blvd.  in between Sycamore and La Brea Ave.

The line will form no earlier than 7:00 AM on Sycamore St. and the line will continue south, (you may encounter open parking spots off sycamore and the next street however please read the signs as they are only 1 hour parking and you will get a ticket). HOT TIP! When New Kids On The Block received their star people lined up north on Hollywood Blvd. facing the Buffalo Wild Bills, There will also be portable potties so bring your charmin with you. Also bring water and sunscreen, it will be warm once the marine layer burns off.

How To Arrive:

The best way to arrive is via Ride Share or Public Transportation, however if you are planning to get a wrist band for the fan pit,  you will need to arrive early, real early. Plan your trip with Metro.


The line is technically allowed to start at 7:00 am.  It is summer so it will be light out by 6:30am be aware of your surroundings this area is home to many transients and the city is currently struggling with a mental illness and housing crisis.

RED LINE: The red line is  about a 5 minute walk from 7067 Hollywood Blvd. Exit Hollywood and Highland, walk about 5 minutes west and the location will be on the south side of the streets.

Parking: Parking is available in a few places for a fee. Just pay the fee. PAY TO PARK! The city makes a great revenue from towing cars and giving parking tickets. There is a pay lot across the street $15.00 minimum however it is small.

One can also park at Hollywood and Highland for about the same amount.

What To Wear: Comfortable clothing, remover that you will be standing up for a few hours and you won’t really have a great view, the best views are reserved for the cameras, so if you are sad that you won’t be able to make the celebration here, you’ll have the best view at home.

Patience: There will be some people who are professional autograph collectors, and will be very pushy and rude, so just be patient and and nice and strong.

Snacks: Bring some snacks there is a coffee next door, however you don’t want to leave your place in line even if a friend is holding the spot, it can get pretty wild. 🙂 so just pack your snacks.

No tripods are allowed.

Hotels and AirBnB:
Consider staying at the Roosevelt Hotel just a block east a super easy walk and it drips in Hollywood History, also there can be some pretty good deals if you have the time to find them.

Airbnb around the EastHollywood are will be super inexpensive and a short bus or train or uber ride.
#TheDirtyPopUp map and location:
Parking is available at the Hollywood and Highland Center for a fee they do accept credit cards but consider making a purchase at one of the participating vendors and get a validation.

If you have anyquestions feel free to ask me in the comments and follow to see #DirtyPopUp live and the Hollywood Walk of Fame fan perspective on Periscope @Periscope.tv/HotDogLA and on twitter @HotDogTours

UPDATE: #TheDirtyPopUp at Hollywood and Highland is super packed and has a line that swings around the Kodak theatre like a glacier. 3 Hour wait.


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