Courtney Love, The Girl With The Most Cake

Courtney Love on Covid19 and the 1%: “Im posting my antibody test because Ive never been great at this 1 percent shit. I love myself some fine living, but in the end I bleed liberal, I wish I didn’t sometimes, maybe it’s not liberal, maybe its humanist…. I have and many of my wealthy friends have had Covid test kits for over 6 months. Everytime I give people a box of 20 I get furious that these are not available at every Tesco and every 7/11 … for 5 bucks or even 20…” Good news if you don’t know any nice wealthy girls like Courtney the FDA has approved a home testing kit. Also, great news for front line workers. It’s a strange world when nurses and doctors did not have access to these, but Courtneys friends had boxes in the fridge. She goes on “… so maybe I’ll get rid of the “club”for posting this but I’ve never been comfortable with my own elitism specially in the area of public health. YOU ALL DESERVE TO HAVE A BOX OF HOME TESTING KITS IN YOUR FRIDGE. I keep asking why the fuck you don’t.” We could not agree more Ms. Love. She ends “this is all I have to say now. I feel less dirty and my Conscience more clear to post this. Tho Im scared to as well.” I hope Ms.Love knows she is too money too Iconic to be kicked out of the club. The other 1% squares and hangers need you, Ms.Love and well your fans we still want you , they really went you , they really do.

Courtney Love Instagram @courtneylove

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